The Electric Prunes
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THE SONG "get me to this world on time" is awesome, esp. when his hands shakes so band, so he cant light his ciggerate in the prescence of this female fox, TOTAL REPEAT PLAYER OFF THAT NUGGETS CD!

never herd Flowing Smoothly until now, nice one! thanks again TWOS.
jazzler`kĀ“the mindblender   [25-Dec-08]

Best damn 60's band the ever was !!! They are still putting out new music today ! Check out their web site. Mike in KC
mike lytle   [02-Aug-07]

An amazing band, I can't get enough of them. If you search The Electric Prunes on you will get a few great videos.
Psychedelic Silver Vision   [22-Apr-07]

this is the sound that wyld reveries are made of ,this is what they listen in otherwordly dimensions the only usa counterpart to barretts floyd, tho they were more of a unit compared to pinkfl and there wasnt no 'lectrikprune madcap laughing amongst them   [27-Sep-06]

why is a prune something to hide?
dennybyrd   [29-Aug-06]