Ars Nova
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Really enjoy their first album
Colin   [11-Jan-09]

Overall, I like much of their Renaissance music meets psychedelia first album, though a few tunes are rather boring. "Fields of People" is not as good as the early '70 cover by The Move, but is still very good, and I like the droning and the vocals on "And How Am I to Know," which is one of their better tunes. The other song on the playlist is fair, and the medieval sounding "Pavane For My Lady, " is another strong song from the debut. Their 2nd lp, "Sunshine and Shadows" from '69, had a few good tunes but is boring for the most part. A fairly unique band for the time, does anyone here know of, or like, the somewhat similar band The New York Rock Ensemble?
oscargamblesfro   [28-Mar-06]