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Richard Twice - If I Were Strong I'd Move You Mountains
Richard Twice - Generation '70
Remo Four, The - Live Like A Lady
Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Pandamonium, The - Season Of The Witch
Pandamonium, The - No Presents For Me
Zakary Thaks, The - Green Crystal Ties
Turtles, The - On A Summer's Day
Turtles, The - Elenore
Turtles, The - Earth Anthem
Unit Four Plus Two - I Was Only Playing Games
Turtles, The - To See The Sun
Turtles, The - The Owl
Sound Sandwich , The - Tow Away
Sleepy, The - Rosie Can't Fly
Sleepy, The - Love's Immortal Fire
Decision, The - In The Shade Of Your Love
Secrets, The - She's Dangerous
Plastic People, The - This Life Of Mine
Plastic People, The - Hide


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