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Lomax Alliance, The - The Golden Lion
Whalefeathers - Omaha
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Great Horse
We The People - No, No Boys
Rugbys, The - You, I
Vanilla Fudge - Illusions Of My Childhood - Part Two
Vanilla Fudge - Illusions Of My Childhood - Part One
Stained Glass - Bubble Machine
Stained Glass - Inside Ouch
Stained Glass - A Scene In Between
Sugar Shoppe, The - Canada
Gas Company, The - You're All Alone
Executives, The - You're Gonna Love Me
Brain Train, The - Black Roses
Brain Train, The - Me [Instrumental Version]
Tower, The - Captain Decker
Travel Agency, The - Time
Thackeray Rocke - Season Of The Witch
Purple Canteen, The - Brains In My Feet
Dust - Sky Flight


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