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From: Long Island, NY, USA

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The band Morgen was the brainchild of Steve Morgen (guitar, vocals) from Long Island, NY. Other members of the group included Barry Stock (guitar), Rennie Genossa (bass) and Bob Maiman (drums).

They recorded their sole, self-titled LP in 1968, but it wasn't released until about a year later on ABC's subsidiary record label Probe due to legal issues. The recordings were produced by Steve Morgen and Murray Shiffrin. A promotional 45 ('Of Dreams' b/w 'She's The Nitetime'), which contains shorter alternative, mono mixes of the LP tracks, was also released at the same time. Unfortunately both the LP and single didn't sell well at the time, but are now highly sought after by collectors. Highlights off the LP include 'Of Dreams', 'Eternity In Between' and 'She's The Nitetime'.
Morgen -  Of Dreams [Single Version]
(Original 45 Label: Probe CP 474, A - February 1970)

Original LP/EP Label: Probe CPLP 4507 S
Released: December 1969
This album was actually recorded in 1968 but wasn't released until a year later in 1969 due to legal issues.
Songs from this album played on TWOS:
Morgen -  Eternity In Between
Morgen -  Of Dreams
Morgen -  She's The Nitetime
(Original 45 Label: Probe CP 474, B - February 1970)

30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall!
CD Label: Arf! Arf! AA-050
This compilation CD contains the following songs by this artist that are played on TWOS:
- Of Dreams [Single Version]


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