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10/1/10 - Wow...over 3 years since I updated this page???...time flies after you start having kids!  I'll try and update more often, but nothing really new to report other than we've been busy adding bios and new tunes....the goal is to have all of the bios done by next summer.



Coming Soon... -  Always adding tunes and improving the website.  Will try and update at least once a year.


7/19/07 - Things have been very busy in the world of TWOS.  Artist write-ups have taken a priority, along with verification of record release dates, etc.  We've also added some excellent songs and promos.


3/28/07 - TWOS had the pleasure of interviewing Stewkey from Nazz.  Check out their website ( for band updates, concert dates, etc.


12/3/06 - We've been very busy adding band write-ups in the Playlist section of the website.  Also added a 128 kbps Microsoft Windows Media stream (, which we ask that if you listen, please donate a minimum of $5/month to support the costs (this stuff ain't free!).  Also had TWOS listed on AudioRealm ( and StreamFinder ( 'em out!


7/3/06 - Added more outstanding obscure tunes from the various U-SPACES CD compilations.  Still working the kinks out of the new website...thanks for everyone's feedback and support!


3/26/06 - The new TWOS website is finally here!  Many thanks to Five41 Design for their outstanding web design.  Also added more Majority One and Lovin' Spoonful.


2/11/06 - Happy 2006!  It's been a while since we updated this page, but we've been very busy working on a new TWOS website soon to be unveiled! 


9/25/05 - Added more outstanding obscure tunes from the various U-SPACES CD compilations.  TWOS was written up in both the NYC Village Voice and San Francisco Bay Area's Metroactive...check out the articles!


7/24/05 - Added some early Yes and Bodast.  Also conducted a follow up interview with the Syn for their upcoming North American tour.  Unfortunately, it was just announced that the Syn tour has been cancelled.  More details can be found at YesServices.


5/21/05 - TWOS had the pleasure of recently interviewing both Steve Nardelli and Chris Squire of the Syn.  The interview includes entertaining  stories from the band's swingin' psychedelic 60s days, information on their new CDs and 2005 tour, and also songs from both their past and present.  More information can be found at YesServices.


2/27/05 - TWOS was written up in the February, 2005 issue of Stereophile magazine as one of their "Records (in this special case internet radio stations) to Die For".  A special thanks to staff writer Jon Iverson for the plug.


1/23/05 - Wow! Another New Year has just flown by in a flash!  Added more authentic 60s ads, news, etc.  Also added an outstanding obscure concept LP called 'Miss Butters' from the band Family Tree.


12/5/04 - Finally added a bunch of long overdue Byrds.  Also added iTunes links to LPs in the TWOS Playlist that are available to download for $0.99 U.S. a song...check it out!


10/27/04 - Added more obscurities from both the U.S. and U.K.  A big thanks to Kurt Sampsel at the Psychedelic Punk MSN Group!


9/12/04 - Added more obscurities from both the U.S. and U.K.  Another big thanks to Stu Pope!


8/7/04 - Received some Australian psych CDs from TWOS listener Peter Sherriff who lives in Ulladulla, NSW.  As a result, we have added quite a few obscure tracks that come from the land down under.  Thanks Peter!


7/10/04 - Added a bunch of awesome obscurities from both the U.S. and U.K.


6/5/04 - Added tracks from the Billy Nicholls rare but great LP "Would You Believe".  It was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, and Steve Marriott from Small Faces plays and sings on a few tracks.


4/25/04 - Added more End and other obscurities from various CDs sent by Stu Pope (thanks Stu!).  The PopShoppe, Vol. 8 is finally formatted and will premiere today.


3/26/04 - Added more Peanut Butter Conspiracy and a few from the Fraternity of Man as well as quite a few more gems from various obscure bands.


Received some more station feedback from an artist featured on TWOS.   Here's what he had to say:


Hey, David Fore, original drummer from the Bubble Puppy.  That's me on "Hot Smoke and Sasafrass".  Just writing to tell you I dig "The Technicolor Web of Sound".  Great station!  Thanks!


David Fore, Drums - Bubble Puppy



2/22/04 - Added some more obscurities, including two great tunes from Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill.  Also added a [COMPILATIONS] page in the [PLAYLIST] section so you know where to purchase some of the more obscure tunes.


Received some more station feedback from an artist featured on TWOS.   Here's what he had to say:


I am the drummer in Children of the Mushroom circa 1967.  I was 18 then, 55 now and still alive.  What a blessing to see the music is still out there.  My kids now might get to hear pop's old band from Thousand Oaks.  After going on in life all these years, it's a real joy to happen upon the discovery of our band's music being played on the internet.


Our band was formed when myself and Jerry McMillen met at Thousand Oaks High, CA in 1965.  We started out in a very humble state with hardly any equipment. I think Jerry had the most talent out of all of us.  He also owned a Fender Mustang Guitar and a Vox amp.  We started playing everyone else's music and at some point knew we had to start doing our own.  We played all the school dances and parties we could.  Finally we were approached to do a single 45 with Soho Records.  Our record was taped at the same studio used by the Iron Butterfly in the Hollywood area in the summer of 1967.  I left the band in 1970 after the life style of it all caught up with me.


Thanks for all the hard work you have done on your sight. Thanks very much for allowing me to share this short story on the band.


Dennis Christensen Swanson, Drums - Children of the Mushroom



1/19/04 - Happy New Year to all!  Was finally able to add some long overdue Lovin' Spoonful as well as a few more essential Association tunes.  Have also added links in the playlist because we've had quite a few inquiries on where to buy this music from.


12/13/03 - Was finally able to add a bunch of long overdue 13th Floor Elevators.  Also added a few obscure gems from the U.S.


11/16/03 - Added a large number of U.K. obscure gems from the Rubble CD box sets and Psychedelic Pstones series.  A special thanks goes out to Justin Bryant and Russ Garrett for their contributions!  Also added a slew of vintage radio commercials to spice up the stream a bit.


10/12/03 - Added some Seeds, Misunderstood and Pearls Before Swine.  Also, be sure to tune into the PoppeShoppe over the next few weeks for a special Halloween show!


Received some more station feedback from an artist featured on TWOS.   Here's what he had to say:


Just wanted to thank you for having two of our singles on your playlist.


All the best and much success!


Chuck Hodell, Lead Guitar - The Crystal Rain



9/28/03 - Added some Eclectic Mouse, a Grateful Dead gem from 1965 called 'Mindbender' and another great live Frumious Bandersnatch tune from the Straight Theater.


9/13/03 - Added some Merry-Go-Round, Smoke and Troggs along with a large number of obscure tunes.  Of special note is a great U.K. compilation CD I picked up called 'Psychedelic Pstones, Vol. III: House of Many Windows'.  The CD showcases the Morgan Blue Town recordings, most of which are outstanding and of great sound quality.  I'm also planning to search out and buy Volumes I & II because they look great too!


8/17/03 - Added some Five Day Week Straw People, Fever Tree and a few more Honeybus tunes.


Received some more station feedback from an artist featured on TWOS.   Here's what he had to say:


Thanks for playing our music.  It means a lot now more than ever.  We just lost our guitar man, Tom Pohling on July 16, 2003.  Keep up the great sounds.


The C.A. Quintet was a Minnesota/Midwest band that played 3 nights a week on average.  We played from 1966 to1971.  My older brother Ken could see the magic of tape from our early 45's and so we went on to record our LP called "Trip Thru Hell".  This LP has become well known around the world and led to a bit in MOJO on our music last month.  The timing was great to be in MOJO because our guitar player, Tom Pohling, got to see and enjoy it before he passed away on July 16, 2003.  We will miss our friend and great guitar man.


Jim Erwin, Bass - C.A. Quintet



7/6/03 - Added a PopShoppe section to the website and premiered show #2 last week.  Any feedback on this outstanding addition to TWOS would be most appreciated.


Received some more station feedback from artists featured on TWOS.   Here's what they had to say:


Great to see you are playing "Sycamore Sid" by Focal Point.  I am the original founder of the band and am somewhat shocked to find that "Sycamore Sid" is considered to be a psychedelic classic record by all the critics.  Just one thing though; the song was not written about the great Syd Barrett but by another legend, John Mayall.  We read that he had a tree house.


Keep up the great station! - Paul Tennant


It's great finding a dedicated site such as this one.  The 60s was a fantastic time and should never be forgotten.  Well done for keeping it alive!


Tom Doherty, Guitar - Opal Butterfly



6/8/03 - Added tunes by The Moon (thanks much to Sherlene Voyles for the request), a very obscure but outstanding band from Virginia called Morning Disaster, and a few others.


5/11/03 - We will soon begin broadcasting The Popshoppe, a 60s psychedelic radio show specifically created for TWOS by DJ Gregarious.  Stay tuned for the specific dates and times!


5/4/03 - TWOS hit two major milestones this past week: the 2-year broadcast anniversary and 100,000 web page hits (congratulations to Bryan Moore for being the 100,000th visitor!).


Finally added the Small Faces from the self titled 1967 LP (special thanks to Robbie Higgins) and also some Kak and a tune from Caravan's first LP.


4/20/03 - Added the Sopwith Camel, Clear Light and other long overdue obscure gems.


4/12/03 - Recently got back from a 3-week vacation to Australia and New Zealand, so haven't been able to add any tunes lately.  I have; however, been working hard to get some new stuff added in the very near future.


2/20/03 - Added Moody Blues singles and songs from the LP 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour'.  Also received the out of print Plastic Cloud CD from one of the members, bassist Brian Madill, and have replaced the tunes that were already on TWOS with this much higher quality sounding medium (thanks much Brian!!!).


2/2/03 - Added some more excellent obscure stuff provided by the incredible Hans Kesteloo of Music Maniac Records Hans has started his own sixties web radio station focusing more on the very obscure garage side of things, called Beyond the Beat Generation...check it out!  Also added some more Human Beinz from their 1968 LP 'Evolutions' and Blood, Sweat & Tears from their 1968 LP 'Child Is Father To The Man'.


1/5/03 - Happy 2003 to all!  Added some great obscure stuff from Pink Fairies, Bob Smith and others.  Also added some hard to find and very high sound quality live tunes from the Monterey Pop Festival (Buffalo Springfield, Grateful Dead, and Country Joe & The Fish).


11/24/02 - Added some outstanding obscure tunes provided by Hans Kesteloo, President of Music Maniac Records.

Received some more station feedback from artists featured on TWOS.   Here's what they had to say:


Thanks for keeping the disc spinning... You've got great web radio!  Keep up the excellent site!


Marty Roth, Guitar & Vocals - Bent Wind


Thanks for playing Ill Wind.


I played rhythm guitar and sang.  I also wrote and arranged, though arrangements were mostly a collaborative effort.  I wrote "L.A.P.D.", which is on the Flashes album, and "Flashes", which is not.


I joined the band in the summer of 1966, replacing the original bass player; Carey Mann switched from guitar to bass at that time.  Dave Kinsman replaced the original drummer soon after that and we played our first gig at the Rathskeller in Boston's Kenmore Square within a couple of weeks.


We were probably called the Prophets at that time, but we changed it to Ill Wind before playing another gig.  Conny Devanney replaced the original singer Judy Bradbury around the end of 1966.  By that time we had started recording, and Conny appears on our first demos.  Throughout 1967 we did several series of sessions at Capitol Records in New York, but we weren't under contract to them.  A drug bust ended Capitol's interest in the band, but we got a contract with Tom Wilson almost immediately.  We recorded the Flashes album in February 1968 and it was released that spring.  Carey Mann quit the group shortly after the album came out.


We hired a new bass player named Michael Walsh and resumed gigging.  We also built a 4-track studio in our basement rehearsal room and recorded a series of demos with the idea of seeking a different recording contract.  Wilson learned of these recording sessions and picked up up our contract option for another year.  We broke up in response.


The band reformed in the spring of 1970 without Ken Frankel but with both Carey Mann and Michael Walsh.  Carey quit again within a couple of months and was replaced by guitarist Larry Carsman.  Larry didn't last long either, and he was replaced by Walter Bjorkman (former of Cloud and Swallow).  The band continued playing for a few more years but never again had a recording contract.  Quite a few recordings were made throughout the band's entire career, and most of those are in my possession.  We're hoping to release one or more albums of this material.


Richard Zvonar, Guitar & Vocals - Ill Wind



11/1/02 - Added some outstanding obscure tunes provided by U-SPACES as well as some early live Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service.


Received another station comment from an artist featured on TWOS.   Here's what he had to say:


I just viewed your site for the first time today and I love it!  I'm glad you have Frumious Bandersnatch there.  I'm with the band and can tell you we are releasing our latest 331/3 LP purple record on "Get Back Records" this year.


Peace & Love - Bobby Winkelman, Guitar & Vocals - Frumious Bandersnatch



10/28/02 - TWOS is now broadcasting from Sweden with the help of Internet Radio Streamhosting.


9/20/02 - Spruced up the web site a bit.


Recently received some station comments from a couple of artists featured on TWOS.   Here's what they had to say:


I'm the original lead guitar player for The Village S.T.O.P. (which stands for Sounds Typical Of People).  S.T.O.P. was the original name with the Village part being added later.


The group was composed of four of us from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and one member (the lead vocalist) coming from St. Catharines (thirty min. from Hamilton beside Niagara Falls).  You can find some info on the lead singer on a few Canada Sites dedicated to 60's Canadian groups.  He was with a group called "The British Modbeats" that did several 45's and one LP of cover material.


I'm building a web site dedicated to the group and I'm in the middle of contacting all the original members and gathering as much info as I can.  Musically there isn't too much available (only about 500 copies of Vibration were pressed) and I only have a few live recordings of a few songs, but there used to be more and I'm trying to locate it.  If your interested, I'll sent you the web address when it's up and running.  Thanks for keeping some of the great 60's music alive,


Musically - Paul Marcoux, Lead Guitar - The Village S.T.O.P.


Thanks for playing our song "Walls"! What a small world!


Leo Naab & Joe Paulis - Embryo Infinity Rebirth



8/29/02 - Added several links on the website as well as some songs to the station, including tracks off the excellent Ill Wind 1968 LP 'Flashes'.


8/4/02 - Increased the stream bandwidth to 56Kbps for better sound quality.  Also added a few obscure gems from the U.K., including tunes from Ice, 23rd Turnoff and Virgin Sleep.


7/13/02 - Added a slew of promos that had been collecting dust on the hard drive.  Also added a few obscurities provided by the illustrious U-SPACES, including songs from Marmalade, Tasmanians and Ceyleib People.


6/23/02 - TWOS has partnered with the Mobile Broadcast Network (MBN).  This means you can now access the station over your cell phone!


6/5/02 - Added some long awaited Mothers Of Invention and Captain Beefheart.


5/12/02 - Added some great Giles, Giles & Fripp by request, plus some long missed obscure stuff from the Chocolate Soup compilation CD.


4/20/02 - TWOS has been awarded 'Best of Planet' web radio station status by iM Networks!  This award puts TWOS as a preset on their tuner.  Also added some Mamas & The Papas by request.


4/2/02 - Decided to spruce up the web site a bit!  Also added some Tangerine Zoo, Association and Beach Boys.

3/17/02 - Added some Guess Who, Honeybus, Youngbloods, and Zombies.  Also, check out the new [WEB RINGS] page under [LINKS] on the website!


Recently received some station comments from a couple of legendary 60s psych musicians!  You can find their websites on my [ARTIST LINKS] page.  Here's what they had to say:


I'm extraordinarily grateful for this website.  Many thanks for keeping the music alive and on the air.

With best regards,


Barry "The Fish" Melton, Lead Guitar - Country Joe & the Fish


As a member of the Kaleidoscope I am very happy to see that you are keeping the music alive.  I really appreciate your interest in the genre and hope that we will return to the Love vibe that was expressed in the 60's.  We all need it!!!!


Chris Darrow, Bass - Kaleidoscope



2/17/02 - Added some Mandrake Memorial, SRC, Thunderclap Newman, and Keith West.


1/31/02 - What a great New Year!   The new PC is networked and running great.  Been able to make several song additions without disrupting the station stream, including more Traffic and Blues Project.  Also been receiving several song requests from listeners all over the globe...keep 'em coming people!


12/29/01 - The new PC is up an running, but not online yet.  Have; however, been using it to add songs to the station, including some Blues Project, Iron Butterfly, and Syd Barrett.  Also been sprucing up the site a bit, most notably the new [PLAYLIST] alphabetical format.


12/5/01 - The following significant improvements have been made to TWOS:

1. If you haven't noticed already, the website has changed to

2. PI Host not only set me up with the new domain, but also added 25 more listeners to my maximum, giving TWOS a total of 35 simultaneous listeners through Shoutcast!

3. New website e-mail address

4. New PC has been purchased for future station playlist/song additions.


11/11/01 - Apple Computer has released a new music program called iTunes, which has included TWOS in its list of station presets!  This has dramatically increased listener volume and has prevented any addition of new songs.  Am seriously considering the purchase of a second PC to support the addition of new material to the station without disrupting the stream.  Until then, the station will be kept up and running as is.


10/21/01 - Added more Circus Maximus and a gem from Bulldog Breed.


10/14/01 - Added a UPS to the station server, so hopefully this means no more occasional black-outs from storms, etc.  Also added some early solo Neil Young, along with tunes from various obscure bands including Gun, The Golden Dawn, and The Collectors (thanks again to Ben from U-SPACES for the support!).


9/30/01 - Added most of the 60s radio promos that have been promised for awhile.


9/16/01 - Finally added the much needed live H.P. Lovecraft along with an obscure gem from Opal Butterfly.  Also added another site to stream the station called ShoutClub.  This stream is still in the experimental stages (need to do some tweaking), so all who read this, please try and stream this way, then send me an e-mail and let me know how it worked!


9/9/01 - Added a few tunes including the hard to find Aardvarks B-side, 'Unicorn Man'.  Also added Ultimate Spinach and another Colours tune.  Also been shuffling the playlist a bit to make sure all artists and songs are played evenly.


8/19/01 - Added some Tages, a group from Sweden, along with the hard to find A-side of U.K.'s David single called 'Hey Mr. Policeman'.  Found even more 60s radio ads on the web which I should be adding soon.


8/12/01 - Added the Bent Wind tunes (thanks again to band member and lead singer Marty Roth for sending the CD!!!) as well as a slew of awesome unreleased Buffalo Springfield from their new box set.  Was also able to add the remaining obscure stuff, including Pandamonium and The Eyes.  Received a new tape of 60s promos from the incredible U-SPACES this week, so I will definitely be adding some great new period radio ads in the near future.


7/31/01 - Was finally able to sift through a bunch of backlogged obscure stuff, and found some great tunes, but have only added a small percentage of them so far, including Kitchen Cinq, Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup and a Monkees ad for their LP 'The Monkees Present'.  Have also spruced up the [PLAYLIST] a bit with new and better quality album art.


7/15/01 - Added a [GUESTBOOK] to the website which I encourage all to drop a note with feedback, suggestions, etc.  Added some great new movie radio ads from some cult classics along with songs from those movies (stuff came from a CD on the net called 'Psych-Out At The Cinema', which is highly recommended).  Also added some outstanding Electric Banana (Pretty Things pseudonym) and a track from the Bow Street Runners self titled LP called 'Another Face', recommended by CheFHAINa.


6/30/01 - Added some obscure tunes that have been sitting in the 'in-box' for over a month, including 'Pretty Song From Psych-Out' by The Strawberry Alarm Clock.  Finally added three Grapefruit songs from their 1st LP, 'Around Grapefruit'.  Also added another Paupers tune called 'Simple Deed'.


6/23/01 - Haven't had a chance to add any new songs lately, but per a listener's request, a link called [WHAT'S PLAYING] has been posted which lets you access the station's last 20 songs played.  Apparently, some listeners have had problems getting the artist and song titles of what's being played on the station (that's no good!).  Eventually hope to have this embedded in the TWOS website, but fear this may take a while.


Also received some great comments from a band member of one of the groups featured on the station, Tangerine Zoo.  Here's what he had to say:


Thanks for your interest in keeping a great era of music alive.  I for one appreciate very much that you found our band's "Like People", a song that you added to your play list.  If you are interested, visit our web site for a complete bio and history.


Tony Taveira, Bass - Tangerine Zoo



6/10/01 - Added more Mandrake Memorial (from 1st LP) and Lazy Smoke (from only LP) off CDs.


6/3/01 - Was presented the coveted Legacy Choice Award for 60s website excellence!  Added three tunes from The Paupers (thanks again to Keith Weston for the great call), B-sides from a Small Faces single called 'Understanding' and a Family cut called 'No Mule's Fool', and a slew of obscure tunes from both the U.S. and U.K.  Also finally added two long overdue July tunes, 'My Clown' and 'Friendly Man'.  One of the more obscure, very good tunes added is 'The Phycle' from a U.S. band called Yesterday's Obsession (A-side from their one and only single).


5/28/01 - Added this page to the site!  Also added a bunch of Kinks from the 'Face To Face' & 'Arthur' LPs .  Also added a few excellent Kinks B-sides from '66 & '69 singles ('King Kong' & 'Big Black Smoke').  The station now has over 90.5 hours of no repeat 60s psych!


Resco Pocket Radio featured station badge