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From: Chino, CA, USA

Little is known of this Chino, CA band that issued one single in 1969 on the local L.A. label Carousel. Members included Martie Echito (keyboards, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, flute, vocals), Wayne Bacer (bass, keyboards, vocals), Robert Muniz Osequera (percussion, vocals) and Chuck Kears (drums).

The A-side of their 45 includes the outstanding and catchy soft rock tune 'The Love We Share', which reminds one of the Steven Stills classic 'Love The One Your With'. The single was produced by Stewart Lanis, engineered by Bob Rovack, and written by Echito. Echito went on to become a successful session musician and then a member of the classic rock band the Ravelers in 1987, which he continues to play in to this day.

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A big thanks to Martie Echito of the Branch Estate for his important contribution to this article.


The Love We Share

(Original 45 Label: Carousel C-137, A - 1969)