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Zenith Replica Watches

In the 1970s, the United States was clearly the winner of the "Space Race", thanks to the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. This occurred in July 1969. In May 1970, only 10 months after this historic achievement, another American company announced the Zenith Replica Watches - the first digital wristwatch.

The "solid state wristcomputer" looked like something straight out of science-fiction and was perfectly designed to fit in with the Space Age. This was a first for the world. It had no moving parts and no ticking noise. It also offered unmatched accuracy and durability. The dark screen would be lit up by red LED numerals at the touch of a button.replica watches The seconds passed by when you held the button longer.

Pulsar fever was unmistakable. Zenith Replica Watches released the Zenith Replica Watches P1 in 1972. It featured an avant-garde cushion-case and bracelet made of 18ct gold. The product was a hit. The Zenith Replica Watches P1 was the first quartz watch to be a true success.

Zenith Replica Watches was a hit with celebrities. Names like Elvis Presley and the Shah of Iran were among the owners.

The Zenith Replica Watches stainless steel was introduced in 1973 at an affordable price and became a huge success. P2 became the must-have timepiece of the era, worn by Keith Richards and Jack Nicholson. Peter Sellers, Elton John Gianni Agnelli and U.S. president Gerald Ford were also fans. Roger Moore's James Bond in Live and Let Die (Rolex GMT Master Replica), and boxing legend "Smokin Joe Frazier" were both pictured wearing one before their 1973 fight against Joe Bugner.

Zenith Replica Watches announces the return of Pulsar, a 70s-inspired watch in its modern day reincarnation. The 2020 Pulsar is available in two versions: one made of stainless steel and another in steel with yellow gold PVD. Both will be produced as a limited edition of 1970 pieces.