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Chopard Replica Watches

Chopard Replica Watches's version of the legendary Natural Escapement is hidden within the Micro-Rotor movement. Abraham-Louis Breguet, the father of modern watchmaking, inspired this exclusive dual direct-impulse silicon escapement, which is directly mounted on the balance. The modern construction and the use of the latest materials maximize the energy restitution. This escapement is so efficient that it reduces the torque required to wind the mainspring. This escapement is based on the concept of a detent escapement and has the benefit of providing two impulses for each oscillation (one oscillation = two vibrations). Chopard Replica Watches, with a movement frequency of 3Hz (21 600 vph), will therefore re-equip the balance 21,600 times an hour.

Double direct impulse can be explained by using a swing as an example: you would push it once, and then wait for it to bounce back before giving it the next command. With the double direct escapement, you would push it and someone opposite will push it back on its side.

The Chopard Replica Watches Steel Galet Micro Rotor Salmon Dial piece, unique to Revolution, features a Automn (Chopard Replica Watches) and is powered by a self-winding FBN 229,01 micro-rotor which has an exclusive double-direct-impulse escapement directly integrated into the balance.

Christian Chopard Replica Watches says that Breguet's concept was brilliant. He used the escapement to make 20 pocket watches. The escapement was difficult to make with the tools available in this period, as the tolerances needed to be exact for the wheels to not have any play and be able move freely. In the case of the natural escapement made in collaboration La Fabrique du Temps they used advanced materials and technology, specifically nickel phosphorus for the escape wheels. They are galvanically fabricated and have tolerances of a micron. They suggested that we use silicon for the lever and, because of this material, we were able reduce the amount of lubrication to a minimum."

Chopard Replica Watches says, "It is fantastic that we have been able to implement this famous natural escapement. We were extremely impressed by the results. It is difficult to install and regulate but, once done correctly, is incredibly stable.Swiss Rolex Replica "It was important to me to express the same design language of the movement in the micro-rotor. You can see on the angle the upper bridge, we created a sharp angle to show collectors that this movement is finished by hand to the same standards as our tourbillon."

The combination of this amazing movement with the dial is what makes Chopard Replica Watches Galet Micro Rotor a unique piece. It would be a great addition to any watch collector's collection.