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Guest Reflections

Sign our guest book and share your reflections of the psychedlic music scene of the 60's and 70's.

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Posted:  November 10, 2022
Where From:  United Kingdom
Reflections:  So so glad you are back - you were missed!!! fantastic music Keep up the good work
Posted:  November 06, 2022
Name:  Chuck Azer
Where From:  United States
Home Page:  http://www.listwithchuck.com
Reflections:  I really love TWOS! I discovered it on Live365 when I was searching for progressive rock music. I guess I never realized how many of my favorite artists and songs from my teenage years fit into the psychedelic category. It's amazing how many great songs there were from that era, much of which was never played on the radio. I guess that's true of all eras, and it's certainly true now that commercial rock stations play the same boring tunes over and over again. I love the fact that I can listen to TWOS for hours on end -- and many consecutive days -- without hearing songs repeated.
Posted:  October 08, 2022
Name:  Kurt Zeidler
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  I'm so thrilled TWS is back. I felt guilty when it shut down last time because I was too cheap to make a donation. When I watched "Pop Goes The Sixties" on YouTube and saw it was back I went straight to Patreon and made a monthly pledge.
Posted:  July 18, 2022
Name:  Kevin
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Wow! I am so glad this is back. I listened all through high school and discovered so many great bands. I was shocked when I was telling someone about the "long gone awesome internet radio station" the other day and googled only to find that IT's BACK! Definitely the biggest and best playlist of the best music. Life changing for someone who did not grow up in this time period but loves the music and technology.
Posted:  June 29, 2022
Name:  Ruben Distrito
Where From:  United Kingdom
Reflections:  I feel like I'm in heaven again...
Posted:  June 18, 2022
Name:  Bob Hurd
Where From:  United States
Home Page:  n/a
Reflections:  Imagine my delight after checking every few months to check and see if you were back to broadcasting and found that you finally were! Finally a webstation that broadcast the music that I enjoy listening to. Kudos to you!
Posted:  June 18, 2022
Name:  b visser
Where From:  Outer Space
Reflections:  Please send me a link so I can listen to TWOS in the Netherlands
Posted:  June 15, 2022
Name:  Paul Hamilton
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  I'm so glad you're back on the air! I started listening in 2005 when l discovered it and was so disappointed when you went off the air. Sounds like it hasn't missed a beat since then, still playing the great music.
Posted:  June 05, 2022
Name:  Kenny
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Very very cool station here, Glad it’s Back!!!
Posted:  April 20, 2022
Name:  Geno Ray
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  I enjoy listening to TWOS.....Great music...good vibes!!
Posted:  March 19, 2022
Name:  Francisco
Where From:  South America
Reflections:  Missed you. Welcome back
Posted:  February 17, 2022
Name:  BEN Proctor
Where From:  United States
Home Page:  instagram.com/bensblues
Reflections:  i'M BACK!~
Posted:  February 08, 2022
Name:  zigzagwanderer
Where From:  Europe
Reflections:  Hello Paul, TWOS is back and that's great. With it's iconic design and selected music from a very special era in music history it's a must be for every fan of psychedelic music. Tune in.
Posted:  January 29, 2022
Name:  Scott H
Where From:  Outer Space
Home Page:  Scotthallmusic.org
Reflections:  Long time listener to TWOS. Thank goodness for this service that provides such depth and breadth in psych rock. Loving it everyday! Thank you!
Posted:  January 03, 2022
Name:  Jared Piper
Where From:  Australia
Reflections:  Glad to see the station is back with a new impressive layout. I used to secretly listen to the station during my high school years. Keep up the good work and turn more people onto this stuff.
Posted:  November 14, 2021
Name:  Mark D McAtee
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  I just discovered you are back!!! Went through a bit of a depression when you went off the "net" years ago. I felt ecstatic when i saw this!!
Posted:  November 06, 2021
Name:  Lux
Where From:  Outer Space
Reflections:  Some backstory where all the tunes are coming from and how they're archived would be awesome! -Lux
Posted:  November 05, 2021
Name:  Mark
Where From:  Australia
Reflections:  Great to see you back online. Wish I could listen in Australia.
Posted:  October 30, 2021
Name:  Darren Peacock
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Loving the Songs today Paul!!!!!!
Posted:  October 12, 2021
Name:  Ashbury Andy
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  The original twos was the soundtrack to my day when I was living and working in Haight Ashbury SF many moons ago. This playlist definitely passes the acid test. Blessed to have you back. Peace!
Posted:  September 26, 2021
Name:  Brett Coleman
Where From:  Canada
Reflections:  Beyond happy that you guys are back online! This was (and now is, again) one of the places that got me into collecting psych music, and I'll be forever grateful. Listening to your wonderfully curated playlist has helped me find some of my favorite tracks! Many thanks and Big, BIG Love! <#
Posted:  September 09, 2021
Name:  Darren L
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  So glad to hear that the web is back. I’ve missed you.
Posted:  September 09, 2021
Name:  Randy
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  SOOOOOOOOO glad you're back!
Posted:  September 02, 2021
Name:  Jason Unger
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  You guys are back on air, I was so sad when the station was no longer active! I was researching Jim Quarles and The Human Expression (one of my favorites!) and stumbled upon TWOS and realized you’re back on air…I’m overjoyed, I was a listener back in the early 2000’s and here we are again! Bravo!
Posted:  August 19, 2021
Name:  John
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back TWOS! When it was originally on the 'net, my wife and I would listen for hours on end and thoroughly enjoy the sounds. It's like seeing an old, lost friend who smiles and says "Hey man, I'm alive and I'm back. How have you been, amigo?" I'm amazed and overjoyed...long live TWOS!
Posted:  August 14, 2021
Name:  Visser
Where From:  Europe
Reflections:  Hi I live in the Netherlands and I got the message This station is unavailable for streaming in your country. PLease change thisso I can listen to the music I like Bruun
Posted:  July 25, 2021
Name:  Doc Sandoz
Where From:  United States
Home Page:  https://psychedelicized.com/
Reflections:  I remember when TWoS suddenly disappeared on the afternoon of December 24, 2011. A shocker. When I realized it wasn't just a glitch, I called you, Paul, to implore a return to the air, but the expense and time had just gotten to be too much. Several of us listeners could not do without and so started a different psych station. I for one am very excited you're are back "on the air." So happy our pure roots, so to speak, have returned.
Posted:  July 25, 2021
Name:  Don James
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Paul has TWOS streaming here https://live365.com/station/Technicolor-Web-of-Sound---60s-Psych-a01650 :-)
Posted:  July 10, 2021
Name:  Alexander Tickle
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  I used to listen to TWOS all the time in the mid-00s when I was in middle school. It was what introduced me to the lysergic world of psychedelic music, and I’m very excited to see it come back!
Posted:  June 08, 2021
Name:  Ben Proctor
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  I have missed TWOS so much! WELCOME BACK?? When can I TUNE IN?¿?
Posted:  April 21, 2021
Name:  Danel Martin
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  TWOS brought me back to my early childhood in the late sixties/early seventies in Northern California and the music that was playing in my parents home at that time. Best of all, I really appreciated how so many of selections on the station were completely unknown to me, ultimately altering and enriching my understanding of the music of that era. Several artist on TWOS have since become big favorites (Skip Spence, Les Fleur de Lys, Serge Gainsbourg to name but a few) and I've missed being able to tune in to make new discoveries. Here's to what I hope is your eminent return!
Posted:  March 20, 2021
Name:  Lance G.
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  The Season of Miracles is real! The Resurrection of TWOS is imminent! I cannot adequately express how overjoyed I am to learn that this grand treasure of the Golden Age of pop will soon again go online. What a long, cold, lonely winter it’s been. Welcome back, indeed! Deep, deep appreciation for Paul and his work on this precious streaming internet radio.
Posted:  March 19, 2021
Name:  Doug Shirk
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  WELCOME BACK! As a child of the 60's, I really enjoyed Paul's music mix and an very nuch looking forward to TWOS' return. Hope it's not a long wait.
Posted:  March 10, 2021
Name:  SlaterKane
Where From:  Europe
Reflections:  Totaly blown away! You are back again1 There are no words to describe how im feeling. You are the best, please never go offline. Much Love...
Posted:  January 24, 2018
Name:  Bill hillegass
Where From:  United States
Posted:  January 13, 2018
Name:  David rusk
Where From:  Canada
Reflections:  Wowie i tuned in late 2008 up to around 2011 or when ever it went off air, lots of good memorys would tune in all night after school on the vacuum tube 1960s blaupunkt radio, good allnighters! , great mix right songs played at right time!, cant forget the old LSD radio ads! Timothy leary!
Posted:  December 29, 2017
Name:  Caroline Campbell Hollingsworth
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  This station saved me during the year of my Cancer..2006!!! I miss this TWOS SO BAD! How can you get back on?? Thank You for the wonderful time I believe it helped to heal me
Posted:  December 16, 2017
Name:  Robert
Where From:  Middle East
Reflections:  Would love to reconnect :-)
Posted:  July 09, 2017
Name:  TIM
Where From:  United States
Home Page:  ?????????????
Posted:  June 02, 2017
Name:  Kevin Bennett
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Hi. Loved you station. Would like to put back on the air. Please email. The web needs this back on the air. Thanks Kevin
Posted:  May 01, 2017
Where From:  Europe
Reflections:  Come back, you magnificent bastard! What good is the internet without the TWOS?
Posted:  March 02, 2017
Name:  Michal
Where From:  Europe
Reflections:  Sigh, missing you
Posted:  November 29, 2016
Name:  Bill Yergin
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Drummer for the 60s psych band, The Rainbow Press
Posted:  September 10, 2016
Name:  Never forget!
Where From: 
Reflections:  Years later, and I still poke my nose in here on occasion, just to check whether the best internet station might have un-disappeared. No luck yet, but I'll try again sometime! You are missed!
Posted:  September 25, 2015
Name:  Bob Devlin
Where From: 
Posted:  May 15, 2015
Name:  Don Kellett
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  trying it out---to see if I like it.
Posted:  January 03, 2015
Name:  terry
Where From:  United States
Home Page:  na
Reflections:  I see people are asking about danny phay of cwb.I am up in the seattle area and if its the same guy(he said he was a member of cwb)he has passed on.I met him in 1984 and became good friends playing a duet.Lots of fond memories.
Posted:  October 08, 2014
Name:  Rom1
Where From:  Europe
Reflections:  First I am not sure I can make critics in a guestbook but... Sir I am french and I love this radio and I am REALLY sad to discover that it is not streaming anymore. I have an idea to help you (though you have probably think of it already) : you could partner up with a few shops around Ashbury-Haight district, I had the chance to visit a few there which are great with T-shirts, hats and a lot other psychedelic stuff. You could set up an online shop. You could also contact the Amoeba music store and try to make a deal with them. I am sorry I must sound a bit obnoxious, but I think it's a real shame that this awesome radio doesn't broadcast anymore. Best regards Rom1
Posted:  July 25, 2014
Name:  Donald James
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  TWOS is back in a different form but ALL the same music and period advertisements, etc. Rebuilt in the tradition of the original TWOS. Please help support it, it cost money to operate it http://www.technicolorwebofsound.com/
Posted:  July 02, 2014
Name:  Donald James
Where From:  United States
Reflections:  Anyone wishing to contribute to the resurrection of the TWOS radio station, please contact Tom here https://twitter.com/twos_redux?refsrc=email
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